Training in 3D Printing To Foster EU Innovation & Creativity

Project results

The main objective of the project is to increase the 3D printing skills proficiency among students, youth and adults from Romania, Poland, Spain, Italy, Lithuania and Malta. To achieve this goal, the project partners agreed to deliver the following results.
Go to Guidelines and case-studies

Guidelines and case-studies

Prepare the guidelines regarding the use of 3D printing in VET education and analyse some case-studies

Go to Curricula of the 3D Printing course

Curricula of the 3D Printing course

Develop a relevant curricula for the 3D Printing course

Go to 3D printing courseware

3D printing courseware

Create the 3D Printing courseware according to developed curricula

Go to Trainer guidelines

Trainer guidelines

Create the guidelines for the 3D Printing trainers

Go to e-learning platform

e-learning platform

Develop an e-learning platform based on the 3D Printing course

About project

Project number: 2016-1-RO01-KA202-024578
Implementation period: IX 2016 – VIII 2018
Training in 3D Printing To Foster EU Innovation & Creativity

The project aims to give people the opportunity to develop their skills in 3D printing and to acquire the knowledge that allows them to activate in this field, like employee, entrepreneur, trainer, intermediary, etc. It is addressed to organizations, companies and persons interested to use or to support others to use the 3D printing revolution, in various domains: education, industry, art, entrepreneurship, intermediation, law, politics, finance, etc. The partners will develop a 3D printing curricula with courseware, a trainer guideline and an e-learning platform. They will be available in 6 languages (English, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Romanian and Lithuanian), free and open to all.


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