The intellectual output O3 “3D Printing courseware” is available for download

The Intellectual Output O3 includes 13 chapters on topics relevant to 3D printing and related fields:

  1. Introduction to 3D printing
  2. Available 3D printing technologies
  3. 3D Printing equipment
  4. 3D CAD modelling software applications
  5. 3D CAD modelling using Autodesk 360 Fusion
  6. Select a STL model from online repositories
  7. Check and correct STL file using dedicated software
  8. Obtain the physical model using services offered by 3D Printing providers
  9. 3D Printing an object on a low-cost filament deposition based printer
  10. 3DP and entrepreneurship
  11. Design with 3D printing in mind
  12. Case studies in the industry to show the potential for boosting entrepreneurial spirit, creativity and innovation
  13. Future of 3D printing technologies

3D Printing courseware is available in 6 languages (English, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Romanian and Lithuanian), free and open to all, on