3DP – 2nd meeting in Potenza, Italy

The second meeting of Training in 3D Printing to Foster EU Innovation& Creativity (3DP) project took place in Potenza, Italy. Representatives of almost all partners were present: Ludor Engineering (coordinator), GoDesk (host), University “Politehnica” of Bucharest, Danmar Computers, Macdac Engineering Consultancy Bureau Ltd, Public institution Information Technologies Institute (ITI), Computer Highschool LIIS and Northern Lithuania College.

The meeting started with partners’ presentations of the on tasks carried out since last meeting, followed by a discussion on management issues and some internal communications. Then, the Progress Reports prepared by the partners for the first 6 months of the projects have been analyzed and discussed.

After the lunch break, the host, Mr. Antonino Imbesi made a presentation of GoDesk and EURO-NET network and all the particpants visited the GoDesk premises.

Then, the partners discussed the dissemination plan. Next, ITI presented some recommendations and guideliness from ECDL Foundation. A discussion on ECDL certification concluded the first day.

The second day was dedicated to the planning of tasks and activities for the coming months. It was decided that the next transnational project meeting will take place in Rzeszow, Poland on 19-20th October 2017.

Also, the work carried out by the partners on the 3D printing courseware modules was presented and discussed.